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Shanxi Shangyang Lichuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded on December 31, 2014. It is the office of Shanghai Yongwei Group Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shanxi. It is the distributor of Rosemount (EMERSON), Siemens, ABB, E+H, Yokogawa EJA thermal instruments and other products. It is a professional engaged in automation instruments and meters. This is a new high-tech enterprise.

Shanghai Yongwei Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier in the field of industrial automation, which is subordinate to Zhongzi Technology Group (China) Co., Ltd. The company devotes itself to the research and development of advanced technology such as industrial automation instrument, electric power automation instrument, industrial automation control, wire and cable. The company takes Zhongzi Science and Technology Group as a strong backing, gathers first-class talents at home and abroad, and provides perfect service for customers with advanced technology, scientific management and all-round service. Automation solutions and technical support services.

The company now has a number of independent intellectual property products agents, including the main products include Yokogawa, Rosemount, Siemens, ABB, E + H pressure transmitter, level transmitter, flowmeter, temperature transmitter and other products, gas alarm, pH (pH meter) redox potentiometer (ORP), conductivity, dissolution DO, residual chlorine, turbidimeter, sludge concentration meter, sludge interface meter, water hardness meter, COD on-line analyzer, ammonia nitrogen on-line analyzer, BOD analyzer, total phosphorus analyzer, five-parameter analyzer, spectrophotometer, ultrasonic level meter, ultrasonic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, turbine flow meter Meter, open channel flowmeter, flow integrator, wireless data acquisition instrument, temperature and humidity controller, intelligent pulse radar level meter, guided wave radar level meter, radio frequency admittance level controller, and system supporting: PLC, DCS, etc.

The above products are used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, heating, water supply, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, machinery, metallurgy, medicine, food, automobile, textile and light industry and other industries to provide users with a large number of primary sensors and complete sets of services, and to improve the timely after-sales service has been recognized by the market.

Our aim is to help our users obtain satisfactory products and services from environmental protection, energy saving, safety, economy and other aspects, and provide trustworthy automation solutions for users.

Customers and letters are welcome to order. The company will wholeheartedly provide users with all-round services.

Shanxi Shangyang Lichuang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. combines the local advantages, proceeds from the customer's point of view, according to the customer's different needs, according to the performance of the product, from environmental protection, energy saving, safety, economic aspects to help our users to obtain satisfactory products and services, won the praise of customers.

As an important part of the intelligent manufacturing enterprise providing integrated services such as automation solutions for new energy enterprises, we support the better and faster development of both manufacturers and owners. We serve our customers with our sincerity, so we hope that the Clean Control Pioneering Base can give us some support and help to help the company. Grow and expand as soon as possible. Sincere thanks!


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